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Hailey fell in love with pole dancing almost ten years ago when she first discovered a booth at a trade show. After being convinced to try her first class, she was hooked! After a brief break, she started focusing on pole dance 6 years ago, and soon started her journey as an instructor, teaching hoop dancing, pole dance, and fitness classes.
She loved pole, but becoming an instructor made her realize how much she enjoyed sharing it with others. Teaching quickly became a big part of her identity and she loves meeting new clients and helping them discover their love of pole! 



Sarah is an exotic movement explorer from Toronto. She has 7 years of ballet under her belt, and fell head over Pleaser Heels for pole dancing in 2015. She focuses on fluid exotic movement and floorwork, helping her students connect with their inner magic.
She's won Exotic level 1 at CPFA Toronto Pro Supershow 2018 and Floorwork & Low Flow at PSO Canada East 2018. She loves creating, learning and performing..



Libby discovered a love for dance at the age of thirteen and studied jazz and ballet throughout high school. Although it was her dream to be a dancer, she studied advertising and communications in college and university, traveling to Queensland, Australia to complete her degree. It was here that she first found her way into the world of pole dance. After moving back home to Canada, Libby decided she wanted to both teach and compete, and began to solidify her pole career. Since 2013, she has taught regular classes at many different pole studios, toured workshops across Ontario, competed, and won titles both nationally and internationally. Her focus now is one-on-one coaching for competition and performance. Outside of pole, Libby keeps herself busy with all kinds of creative activities, from pottery and miscellaneous craft projects, to cutting and dying her own hair, to playing Dungeons & Dragons. She's a cat lady at heart with two fur babies of her own: Sapphire and Lucky.



Danijela first began taking lyra classes two years ago as a fun way to keep fit. She thought it was the most beautiful apparatus. Danijela took as many lyra classes as she could, and eventually became an instructor. She has learned from some of the best lyra instructors in the industry and continues to learn every day. Danijela loves teaching and is an advocate for creating a supportive, friendly environment for both staff and students.

Maryana (Marley)


Maryana (Marley) has a simple motto: hit beats, be dirty. With a background in theatre, she focuses on making foundational movement intricate and unique, drawing inspiration from exotic style, hip-hop, and twerk. Maryana hopes to ignite the same love for pole in everyone, so we can team up and take over the world. 

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