What to Wear

Pole Classes

We highly recommend coming in comfortable, fitted clothing. Nothing loose or baggy. Tank tops and shorts are ideal so you have skin contact to grip the pole. Leg warmers, and knee pads are also recommended to protect your legs for any floor movement. Heels are totally welcome, but completely optional!

Lyra Classes

You will want to have full skin coverage for lyra classes. Fitted workout gear is recommended. Leggings and shirts with sleeves are perfect to keep you comfortable. Socks or bare feet, no heels for this class!

Flexibility Classes

To get the most out of any flexy classes you’ll want to keep warm and comfortable. Come to class wearing leggings, a t-shirt or tank top, with optional long sleeves, and socks. Feel free to bring your own yoga mat to class.

Fitness Classes

Come wearing your favourite gym outfit. Indoor running shoes are optional. You can also bring along your favourite yoga mat.

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Please reach out to us via phone or email. We will reply back within 24 hours. Send us an email to request a party booking. We’re a great place to host a pole or lyra party!

Brass Unicorn

31 Jevlan Drive, Woodbridge, ON L4L 8C2